March in Paraty

27th of February to 5th of March – Carnival: Paraty hosts a Carnival of their own that has a very different flavor from the famous Rio de Janeiro Carnival. Paraty’s version is much more traditional and less crowded. Paraty’s celebrations play on fantasies, with masked blocos , or carnival groups, along with children and adults in fancy dress and effigies of famous personalities. Costumes are black or white, king or pauper. They often aim (harmlessly) to scare the passers-by with skulls and deformed papier machê heads. While most of Carnival celebrations take place in the historic district of Paraty, there are plenty of other events on the local beaches, including the Bloco de Lama (block of mud), which traditionally starts from the Praia do Jabaquara before continuing around the town. This group represents a prehistoric tribe whose objective is to frighten off evil spirits.
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– Duration: 7 days
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1st of March – Bloco da Lama Parade (Carnival): This is probably the most famous of the Paraty blocos. Its originality and awkwardness has attracted the attention of media and the curiosity of public. It was created in a Saturday of Carnival at the beginning of the 90s, by some friends that were bathing themselves in the medicinal mud of the Praia do Jabaquara. They noticed that they could not recognize each other and decided to wear that strange ‘costume’ on Carnival evening.
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– Duration: 1 days
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March at Praia do Pontal – During March we celebrate the final days of summer with big partys, an amazing selection of music and lots and lots of fun at Geko Chill Bar in Praia do Pontal and all over Paraty!
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– Duration: All March
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