Paraty City Tour

Paraty City Tour


Experience all the charm of colonial Paraty with a City Tour. A guide wil lead you to all the secrets that lie in the city’s Historic Centre and its surroundings.

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Due to the long isolation process Paraty underwent until the mid of the 20th century, the colonial housing area known as the Historic Centre remained intact, and it became one of the most sought after destinations for cultural tourism in Brazil.

The Historic Centre of Paraty is considered an architectural heritage. In colonial times, Portuguese military engineers of the time projected streets, squares, churches and residential areas which were organised in perfect harmony. This has survived almost without changes until today. The churches are the main attractions and each was destines to a specific social class in past days.

A place where there is no car traffic, the Historic Centre is a true open air museum where you can take pictures and touch everything. Take this incredible city tour that will take you back to colonial days!


DEPARTURE Upon request, depending on availability

DURATION 2 hours

Depending on the weather and availability, this are some of the places you will walk to during the Paraty City Tour.



    • Church of our Nossa Senhora dos Remédios
    • Church of Santa Rita
    • Church of Nossa Senhora das Dores
    • Church of Nossa Senhora dos Rosários e São Benedito

Sobrados (colonial manor houses)

      • Rua dos Bonecos (where the puppet representations are held).
      • Rua Matriz (one of the oldest)
      • Rua Dr. Pereira (former warehouse that today are ateliers)
      • Príncipe (in Rua Fresca, surrounded by imperial palm trees)

Military Constructions

      • Patitiba Military Quarters
      • Iticupê Fort, overlooking the bay.
      • Defensor Perpétuo Fort


    • Chafariz do Pedreira
    • Casa da Cultura – considered by UNESCO as one of the most representatives 17th century Colonial Portuguese pieces of architecture.
    • Sacre Art Museum, at Santa Rita church