Excursions to Praia do Sono

Excursions to Praia do Sono


If you love nature and walks in the woods then you should not miss the excursion to Praia do Sono. Take a gorgeous walk to the beautiful Praia do Sono through the forests of the Cairuçu Environmental Preserve!

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The walk takes about one and a half hours through the lush forest, where you can admire different types of vegetation, birds, a stop in a spring to refresh until you reach the lovely Praia do Sono, one of the best beaches in Paraty.

You can also opt for an optional further walk to the Antigos beach, a deserted beach in the middle of a unique natural area.

The Praia do Sono tour has an optional lunch stop at the beach.

Note: The excursions to Praia do Sono include a car ride to Laranjeiras complex, where the trail to Praia do Sono starts.


DURATION 7 hours

 You should take the following to the Praia do Sono Tour:

  • Sun screen
  • Cap o Hat
  • Light clothes
  • Insect repellent
  • Walking shoes or sandals fit for trekking.

You can visit:

  • Cairuçu Preserved Area
  • Praia do Sono
  • Praia dos Antigos (Optional)
  • Laranjeiras